Upcoming Events

  • (Thursday 9/15, 6PM) Introduction to Computer Science Buzzwords

    We'll teach you all the buzzwords you need to know to hold your own, in even the most buzzwordy conversations.

  • (Saturday 9/17, evening) BBQ!

    Come out and meet ACM members at a BBQ!

The Johns Hopkins Association for Computing Machinery is a student organization of the Johns Hopkins University dedicated to furthering the knowledge and advancement of computers and information technology through the free exchange of ideas and information. As a chapter of the oldest computing society in the world, the JHU ACM is a place for diverse backgrounds and interests, and serves the JHU community as a whole.

Welcome to our new website! It's still a work in progress but we hope to have most of the old content ported over quite rapidly. You can find email announcements here. The old site can be found here for anything we have yet to migrate.

During the semester, the ACM has weekly meetings in Malone 228 at 6 PM; if there is a change to this it will be announced via email and posted to this website under Announcements.

The ACM, circa Spring 2015