Howdy all,

This week we have a *very* special guest speaker, me!  I'll be leading what
I hope will be more of a discussion than a lecture on game design.  The
abstract is below:

Many of us play lots of games, be they of the video, board or card
persuasion (or anything in between). But few of us every have a formal
discussion about why one game is "good" while another game is "bad".  This
meeting will quickly run through some basics topics of game design and then
turn into a discussion where we will analyze several classic games (chess,
poker, risk, etc.) and view them through the lenses of said topics.  After
that warmup we'll turn the discussion over to the floor and try to talk
about some games the audience suggests.

The meeting will be in Malone 228 at 6:30 PM.  Milk and cookies will be
provided :)

We hope to see you there!
ACM Chair