Howdy all,

First off welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and the
feeling that you never left has yet to set in.

On to more important things:
The soda in the ACM office (Malone G67) has been restocked! For those of
you that don't know the office is in the basement of Malone, right next to
the grad student computer lab.  The soda is in the fridge in the office,
all of the soda is $0.50 a can (cheapest on campus).  Put your money in the
lockbox on top of the fridge and keep your balance on the pillar
immediately to the right of the fridge.  Please try to always keep a
positive balance.  And while you enjoy your ice cold absurdly cheap soda
you can hang out with us in the office and play some games or talk about
why Vim is better than Emacs. ;)

ACM Chair