Apple eMac

This machine was generously donated to the JHU ACM by the Pittsburgh Filmmakers .

Hardware Details

Year Manufactured  
Cost at time  
Processor PowerPC G4
Integrated Monitor 17” flat CRT, 1280 x 960
Weight 50 lbs.

Deployment Details

This machine is pending installation.

Hostname `` ``
Operating System  
General Access  

Booting from USB

This machine does, in fact, support booting from USB sticks with .iso images paved over them. (Note that if you have a .dmg file, you will need to run something like dmg2img ${DMG_FILE} -o ${IMG_FILE} to convert it appropriately.) Once you have your stick ready:

  1. Boot the machine to Open Firmware (hold down Win-Alt-O-F / Apple-Option-O-F at powerup)

  2. Chant the following, or some variant thereof (devalias and show-devs / may be useful in finding the appropriate variant)

    setenv boot-device usb1/disk@2:3,\\:tbxi

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