Apple G5

This machine was generously donated to the JHU ACM by the Pittsburgh Filmmakers . RAM was donated by Michael Brotzman.

Hardware Details

Year Manufactured Late 2005
Cost at time Unknown
Processor Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5
RAM 10GB PC2-4200 out of a possible maximum of 8x2GB

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The G5 is an OpenFirmware-based machine. It will boot to a prompt (on graphics, even; isn’t the future amazing?) if an attached USB keyboard has Apple-Option-o-f (or Win-Alt-o-f, if that’s more your thing) held down at power-on (continue holding until the screen directs you to let go). Once there, you can do many useful things but perhaps the most useful are

  • dev / ls to show the device tree,
  • eject cd to open the CD drive,
  • dir cd:\ to check that the disk can be read, and
  • boot cd:,\install\yaboot (the comma is very important) to load a Debian installer.

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Deployment Details

This machine is pending installation.

Operating System Debian GNU/Linux
General Access Yes; configured as ACM desktop.

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