Ultra 60

Hardware Details

Year Manufactured 1999
Cost at time Unknown
Processor 2x UltraSPARC II (“BlackBird”); 64-bit, SPARC V9 ISA, 400MHz

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Deployment Details

Hostname ultra60.imuse.acm.jhu.edu
Operating System Gentoo
General Access As if ACM desktop (KRB, LDAP, AFS); log in by SSH on port 10000 of gacrux.

The ACM once had two of these, but the other has gone back to its donor, phf, having been demonstrated reasonably stable and fit for use in the JHU compilers class.

Bad NVRAM Battery

The machine losing power yields a moderately unhappy system, with nonsensical ethernet address and host ID. Either configure the installation to work around this, or run at the OpenBoot prompt every time the machine cycles:

8 0 20 a1 58 57 c3cd91 mkpl

where ^D means control-D and newlines are real. If you get a copyright message, it didn’t work. Maybe try this longer form:

001 00 mkp
080 01 mkp
008 02 mkp
000 03 mkp
020 04 mkp
0a1 05 mkp
058 06 mkp
057 07 mkp
000 08 mkp
000 09 mkp
000 0a mkp
000 0b mkp
0c3 0c mkp
0cd 0d mkp
091 0e mkp
0 f 0 do i idprom@ xor loop f mkp

You can check that it worked with .idprom. Credit for these is due entirely to documents listed in hw/sun.


The OF boot command will want not just a disk but also the partiton :f appended, ala boot disk1:f. SILO will take it from there.

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