Digi Serial Concentrator

Port Configuration

Port configuration on mu dgrp server (

0 apc 2400 8n1 noflow
12 vt330 9600 8n1 hardflow
14 sultra60  
15 Behemoth determined by application

Using The Digi Device

Check that the daemon is running: ps -auxf | grep dgrp should show that /usr/bin/dgrp/daemon/drpd mu is running. If not, try starting it up:

modprobe dgrp
/etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon start

If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to build the device driver module; see below. If it does work, or if the daemon was already running, then the /dev/tty_dgrp_mu_* devices in /dev are your new best friends. I suggest using kermit to speak serial; something like:

kermit -l /dev/tty_dgrp_mu_0
set baud 2400
set flow-control none
set carrier-watch off

You’ll have to adjust the directives to taste and as a function of what they’re connected to.

Building The Digi Device Driver

dgrp.ko was removed from the Linux kernel driver staging tree between 3.16 and 3.17 (specifically in commit 19b1e7695be8cbdf14e85ddefc9c5a9d3e88bdfd at Tue Jul 1 02:14:02 2014 +0300). However, it continues to build OK as an out-of-tree module.

On gacrux, the module can be built against the running kernel with

cd /root/src/digi/linux-dgrp
make clean && make && make install
depmod -a

The userland daemon from Digi can be built without the rest of the stuff shipped with it

cd /root/src/digi/dgrp-1.9
cd daemon
make && make install

It places the resulting executable in /usr/bin/dgrp/daemon. /etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon knows how to start it up using the contents of /etc/dgrp.backing.store.

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